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Stray, feral or free-roaming cats form what are known as colonies; cats who adapt and learn to live with one another.
TNR is a program where stray cats are trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped and then returned to their colony.  The ear-tip lets animal control officers and the general population know that the cat has been fixed and vaccinated.
TNR prevents unwanted kittens and reduces the fighting and spraying found with unneutered male cats.
Miss Fannies Friends assist in controlling the
feral/homeless (free-roaming) cat population in Wichita Falls and our surrounding areas.
Our organization has spayed and neutered over 2,200 cats since 2007 as part of our rescue and TNR program.
Our normal procedure is to humanely trap the cat(s) the night before surgery; they are kept in a cage and brought to the clinic early the next morning for the procedure.  They are then kept for 24-48 hours in a safe, quiet, temperature controlled environment until they can be returned to their home (the exact location they were trapped).
MFF funds all vaccinations and testing of TNR'd felines.  Currently, we are fortunate to benefit from funding allowing free spay and neutering to free roaming cats in our area at our locaL PETS Low Cost Spay and Neuter clinic thru 2020.
After the cats are recovered, they are returned to their colony and then maintained as part of our colony program.


  • Permanently reduces the number of cats

  • Reduces nuisance behaviors

  • Reduces rather than encourages predation and does not significantly impact bird species

  • Feral cats are useful in controlling rat populations

  • Feral cats are rarely aggressive, they tend to shy away from humans

  • TNR does not pose a risk for rabies

  • TNR saves lives

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