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Foster Parents are critical to our misson of saving cats and kittens!

We are ALWAYS in need of foster parents!!

Being a foster parent is a highly rewarding and satisfying experience, without making a lifetime commitment. Miss Fannnie's Friends depends on our fosters, we can not rescue without them.  Foster parents are critical to our mission of saving cats and kittens, the more fosters we have, the more lives we can save by finding them loving, forever homes.

Foster responsibilities include

The daily feeding of your foster cat(s) or kitten(s), daily litter box cleaning, attention to the medical needs of the cat(s) with lots of time to snuggle, play and socialize with your foster(s), and taking foster(s) to the adoption sites on some weekends.

Types of cats in foster care

Newborn kittens 1-28 days old: if they have their mama, then mama will be with you to care for her babies.  If not, they will require bottle feeding. They require a calm, quiet and safe room.

Kittens 4-8 weeks of age: at this age they usually eat on their own.  They need a safe and loving place to eat, play and grow.

Kittens 2-12  months:  need a lot of attention.  Kittens are taken to adoption events as soon as they are about 6-8 weeks old and have started on their vaccinations.

Cats of all different ages are in our program, all need food, medical visits as necessary, a safe place, and lots of love and socialization. 

What you provide

Our fosters sometimes supply the food, litter, bedding, toys, and food dishes.

This is considered part of the donation that given to the cat(s) and to our organization.

However, we will supply those items and Miss Fannie's Friend's furnishes all necessary medical supplies, veterinarian care and support.

Please fill out the foster application and email it to or mail it to P.O. Box 9021, Wichita Falls, Tx. 76308

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